Smart Splitter

SAVE TIME AND MONEY ON INSTALLATION: The Smart Splitter plugs directly into your 40 Amp NEMA 14-50 EV charger outlet or 24 Amp dryer outlet. Save thousands by sharing your outlet for charging and avoid panel upgrades, permits, and rewiring. You've got it covered, but we're here if you need us.

SAFEST SMART SPLITTER ON THE MARKET: Thoroughly tested and certified for electrical safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the global leader in tech safety. World-class safety to ensure you and your family feel comfortable and confident with EV charging at home.

SMART AUTO-SWITCHING: Automatically switches between your EVs and appliances so you don’t have to. Charge your EVs one after the other without needing to do anything, or set the current limit in your car or EV charger to charge simultaneously. Provides dynamic LED lights for charging, power, and connectivity status. 

WORKS WITH YOUR EXISTING OUTLET: Compatible with common Level 2, 240-volt outlets and supports max 40 Amp and 24 Amp NEC safe charging rates. The Smart Splitter comes equipped with the same plug and outlets on each side.

EASY INSTALLATION: Plug into your existing EV charging outlet in minutes to charge both of your EVs or power your dryer and EV. Tap into simple and effortless home EV charging access.

Your Smart Splitter comes with the same outlet type on both sides of the unit.
24 Amp Outlets (Dryer Outlets):
NEMA 10-30 - Regular Dryer Outlet
NEMA 14-30 - Newer Dryer Outlet

40 Amp Outlets (EV charger/stove outlets):
NEMA 14-50 - Common EV charger outlet
NEMA 10-50 - Common electric stove outlet.

How does Auto-Switching work?

Auto-Switching works through a priority charging system. For example, by charging your EV on the secondary outlet, when you start your dryer (plugged into the primary outlet), the Smart Splitter automatically pauses the EV charging session. When the dryer cycle is finished, the EV automatically resumes charging. All automatic; no intervention needed. This ensures you don’t need to worry about overloading your circuit or plugging and unplugging your devices.

What type of 240 volt outlet do I have?

The Smart Splitter is compatible with most home 240V NEMA outlets (See below). Popular outlets include the NEMA 14-50, 14-30, 10-30, 6-50 and 10-50. The Smart Splitter comes with the same outlet type on both sides. If your EV charger and wall outlet are different you may need an adapter which can be purchased alongside your Smart Splitter.

Do I need the app for the Smart Splitter to work?

No. The Smart Splitter's built-in load sensing algorithms work just fine without an app—or an internet connection.

Does the Smart Splitter work for me?

Whether you own or rent, any home with a 240V outlet you want to power two devices through will work.

What if my outlet is too far from my parking location?

In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase a high-quality 240V extension cable to reach an EV and EV charger that is some distance from the Smart Splitter

What do I do if my 240 volt outlet is on the other side of the wall of where I park?

No problem! Wall passthrough kits are available online and at your local hardware store. Alternatively, you can install conduit between and along walls for devices that are not immediately next to another. With this use case, we recommend working with a local electrician to be sure everything is set up correctly.

Orders ship in 5–7 business days.
Due to high-demand, NEMA 14-50 units will ship in 1-2 weeks.

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