CCS Charger Adapter for Tesla

EXTEND YOUR CHARGING NETWORK - Connect your Tesla S/3/X/Y to all CCS charging stations, extending your DC Fast Charging network by nearly 4x more than just using Tesla Superchargers.
FAST CHARGING - Up to 70-80 kW charging rate supported for Tesla Model S/X and up to 50 kW supported for Tesla Model 3/Y
NO MORE RANGE-ANXIETY - With the CCS1 charger you will be able to easily access and connect to all CCS charging stations available across the country.
PORTABLE - Its compact design allows you to easily store the CCS charger adapter inside your trunk for on-the-go charging.
DURABLE - With an IP54-rating weatherproof design, it offers a voltage rating of 100 - 800V DC with 200 amps of maximum current and operating temperatures from -22 °F to 122 °F.
REGULAR FIRMWARE UPDATES - This adapter will stay up-to-date with the latest CCS and Tesla charging technology and protocols.
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