Increase property value and meet demand

Attract Residents and Increase Your Property Value by Providing a Premium EV Charging Experience
Offer EV charging to your residents
Meet sustainability goals such as LEED certification
By 2025, 25% of vehicle sales will be electric. Get ahead of the curve by installing an EV charging station at your building
Meet emerging state and city regulations
Attract and retain high value, green-minded residents
Deploy a flexible EV charging infrastructure that will integrate with existing systems and allow you to add more chargers
By installing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, you can attract both potential and existing EV drivers.
Increase average rent and property value
Enhance the value of your property, meet your sustainability goals, and comply with the latest regulations by providing EV charging.
Adding EV charging to your apartment complex ensures that your business evolves as EV adoption continues to gain momentum. According to a recent AAA survey, 20% of drivers plan to replace their current car with an electric vehicle (EV), which is why EV charging is becoming must-have infrastructure for high-density housing properties.
New RCLCO Research Paper: Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy for US Real Estate Implementation
Taking a wait and see approach to EV charging can lead to "wait and cede", as in ceding market share to competitors. Find out how property owners and developers can benefit from networked solutions and why it's far better to plan for charging during development than to "rip and replace" later
EV Chargers: Why and how your community should install them
With 1.5 million EVs on the road, J.P. Morgan has predicted that hybrid and EV sales will grow from 8.3% of North American vehicle sales in 2019 to over 38% in 2025. EV prices are falling into the range of their internal combustion counterparts, and a far greater range is being made, including pickup trucks. Charging times are dropping, too, making EVs all the more appealing
See How We Make It Simple and Effortless for Property Managers to Offer EV Charging
Full Charging Infrastructure
Our highly skilled and expert installers ensure your charging station is installed safely and quickly at the optimal location on your site
Professional installation with maintenance
Our chargers are low-profile and durable, eeasy to uyser software, professional and fast maintenance with 24/7 support
Hardware, management platform and service
Enjoy hassle-free cost settlements between you and your tenants or increase your return on investment by generating revenue from visitors charging their EVs
Sharable revenue program
Safely optimize charging economics by adjusting maximum charging power based on your grid connection and balance your energy consumption
Load Balancing
Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year warranty on our products (extendable to 5-year). Plus, benefit from automatic firmware and software updates
3 / 5 years warranty
Solar integration allows saves energy usage, increases revenue and positively effect on the environment since it's powered by clean energy
Integration with solar panels
Business AC Series / Home

- J1772 | 7 kW | 10 kW
Super easy and fast to install, robust & weatherproof, employee access, revenue share program
Business AC Series

- J1772 | 7 kW | 10 kW
Ideal solution for business or city. Visible from long distance
Business DC Series

- CCS1 & CHAdeMO | 30 kW
Fast charger for your fleet or customers
Business DC Series

- CCS1 & CHAdeMO | 150 kW
Super Fast EV charging solution for your customers that can boost vehicles in minutes!
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