Future is electric - take the lead

Super easy and fast to install, robust & weatherproof smart EV charger stations
Fully Integrated Hardware & Software
Fast and easy installation
Professional Monitoring & Maintenance
CA incentivizes up to 100% of the EV charger's cost. Free till the end of NOV 2023. APPLY for FREE EV chargers NOW.
Fully integrated EV charging stations
Fully Integrated | 4 in 1
- Manufacturing
- Operation
- Software
- Maintenance
Upfront hardware and maintenance fee after the installation
$0 Upfront Fee
Cheaper & faster maintenance vs our competitors due to all-in-one model
35% Higher Uptime
- Level ­2 | AC
- Level 3 | DC
- Energy Storage
- Solar
Full Coverage
- Real estate management platforms
- Fleets management platforms
- Solar solutions
- Hospitality platforms
- Workplace software
- All electric vehicles
For our customers with build-in energy storage and additional revenue models like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
High Earnings
AC Level 2
DC Level 3
- 15 minutes installation time
- 5-7 hours charging time
- Rapid fast chargers
- 15-30 minutes charging time
- Apartments & condos
- Hotels
- Airports
- Parkings
7 kW / 10 kW AC | J1772
- Workplaces
- Fleets
- Schools
- Malls
7 kW & 10 kW AC | J1772 x2
- Dealerships
- Apartments & Condos
- City streets
- Workplaces
30 kW DC | CCS / NACS
- Gas Stations
- Shopping malls
- EV charging hubs
- Grocery Stores
150 kW DC | CCS / NACS
Our customers
Apartment and Condos
New Construction
Cities and Towns
Federal and State Agencies
Entertainment and Stadiums
Shopping Mall
Parking Operators
Manage EV charging like an expert
Collect and track revenue
Share access with your team
Manage your customers and energy use
Offer multiple payment options
Set charging schedule & priority
We're here for you every step of the way, from the first call to the installation and beyond
Here's how it works
Compile documents, contact the program, and convey your approved EV charger allocation.
Timeframe: 1-7 days
Program application submission
Our team will promptly contact you for business and utility information, scheduling a call for necessary collection.
Timeframe: 1-7 days
Collating key documents and signatures
Assessing your site's power capacity to formulate an installation strategy, including upgrades and essential hardware.
Timeframe: 7-14 days
Technician site visit, design and planning
Certified installers will safely position new stations and upgrade your electrical system, ensuring optimal functionality.
Timeframe: 2-12 months
Deployment, configuration, testing
Finalizing documentation, project sign-off, continuous maintenance and support, with prompt responsiveness to any inquiries.
Timeframe: 1-2 weeks
Project Completion: Reporting, Management, Support

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