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Help us to grow the EV market, make the planet greener and earn $10,000+ a month by selling our chargers in your country/state or city
Different types of chargers
EV chargers market
In just a few years, half of all vehicles on the road will be electric. Drivers fast charge where they shop, work, dine, and play.
Value for businesses
Installing EV chargers will grow your brand's visibility and draw in new clients.
Boost customer traffic by putting your business on the map
You will be able to set up a price for individual charger and see analytics whenever you want.
Increase sales & generate new revenue stream
Going electric means serious savings for your business. Company fleets that are electrified will enable you to access government subsidy funds and leverage tax benefits
Make savings and boost your energy resilience
By 2025, 25% of vehicle sales will be electric. Get ahead of the curve by installing an EV charging station at your business.
By providing employees with perks such as free charging and prime parking spots, you demonstrate that you wish to encourage them to join the ranks of EV drivers.
Incentivize "good behavior"
From Walgreens to Target, large franchise stores are putting in EV chargers to encourage EV drivers to come to their location, instead of a different one.
Building customer loyalty
Maximize Value
We help growing business faster with reliable power, reduced costs and advanced software that optimizes itself.
Case Studies
Apartment and Condos
New Construction
Cities and Towns
Federal and State Agencies
Entertainment and Stadiums
Shopping Mall
Parking Operators
We produce excellent quality chargers using the most innovative technologies like laser cutting machining, we test our chargers in a laboratory before install it and have safety features.
Aside from the hardware, we offer software management platform for businesses and application for drivers
Sleek and Durable
We put a lot of thought into the design and decor of our chargers, creating design that our drivers value and love.
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Why purchase and install a commercial electric EV charging station?
Electric vehicle numbers have increased ten times in the last four years. Electric car drivers choose their destinations based on the availability of electric car charging and they tend to base their routines on those destinations, so they can charge the car while they shop and dine.

EV charging helps your tenants attract new customers, and build a steady revenue stream from repeat buyers with higher spending capacity. EV drivers also prefer companies that offer workplace charging as a benefit.
What are the benefits of installing a commercial EV charging station?
Electric car drivers have higher spending capacity and thus make very attractive customers for your local businesses. Installing chargers will propel EV drivers to those businesses. EV charging stations are a visible testament to your sustainability commitment that will inspire your employees and customers every single day.

Smart Charge America offers "smart" or networked EV charging solutions that allow you to: Implement pricing policies that can make it a self-paying investment or even an additional revenue source + Restrict access and set pricing by driver groups, time of use and other criteria + Track costs, revenues and energy savings + Measure ROI and environmental metrics with reports and analytics + Enjoy a complete turnkey and hassle-free solution with managed services and 24/7 driver support + Offer a superior charging experience for your drivers, with real-time availability via mobile app and premium features like Reservations and Wait List.

Why are ChargeLink stations so much more better than other EV chargers?
We offer one of the best, lowest cost, certified, energy-efficient charging stations in the U.S. and other countries. Our charging stations are already on 3 continents! We have been in business for more than 8 years and saw the beginning of the industry, and it helped us to understand what products our customers want.
What is the difference between a Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 charging station?
The difference between the levels of charging stations is the rate of charge or the power delivery rate of the station. That translates into the amount of time it will take for people to charge their car. To determine which level is most appropriate for your situation your Smart Charge Advisor will consult with you on which is best based on your property and customer needs.
Do commercial charging stations charge every type of electric car?
Yes, we have solutions that can charge every plug-in vehicle on the road.
How can I manage my charging stations?
You will an access to the software platform where you can manage your charging stations, change the price, see daily, weekly, monthly graphs for individual chargers.
Are charging stations eligible for federal, state or local incentives?
Before we start installation of each EV charger we apply for local, federal and state incentives that allow us legally install it. It's based on your location. If we already have installed chargers in your city, the installation process will take us less time.
Why offer EV chargers at an apartment or condominium?
Electric car drivers will live where they can charge. As more apartment and condominium residents switch to driving on electricity, they need a convenient, reliable way to charge their cars at home.

  • Attract and retain high value, green-minded residents
  • Increase average rent and property value
  • Meet emerging state and city regulations
Improve your green standing and meet sustainability goals