Smart Charging Stations
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AC Family
It's great for parking garages, city streets, coffee shops, workplaces - places where drivers can do their business for hours and charge their cars without thinking about the charging.

A majority of electric vehicles in the U.S. support Level 2. It will take approximately 5-8 hours to fully charge. Most buildings have 240 V service available, and because Level 2 equipment can charge a typical PEV battery overnight, it is commonly installed at PEV owners' homes for home, public, and workplace charging.

We offer 7.2 kW chargers that can be installed almost anywhere.
DC Family
Fast EV charging solution will charge vehicles in minutes. DC chargers are the best for fleets, malls, highways as well as garages, places where people will come for half an hour to charge their vehicles.

DC fast charging is essential for high mileage/long distance driving and large fleets. The quick turnaround enables drivers to recharge during their day or on a small break as opposed to being plugged in overnight, or for many hours, for a full charge. Direct-current (DC) fast charging equipment (typically 208/480 V AC three-phase input), enables rapid charging along heavy traffic corridors at installed stations.

We have 25 kW and 70 kW available chargers for you to purchase.
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