Fast charging at your fingertips

Our App Makes It Easy

Arrive to the EV Station
Scan QR code
Choose for how long you want to charge your car
Go about your business while car is charging
- Search by plug, price, and charging speed.
- Many spots are free to use
- Start a charging session with the ChargeLink app
- Track It All in One Place
What can you do with the ChargeLink app?
- Check car charging level while you are out from the car
- Pay by Apple/Google pay or by card
At home, at work, around town and on the road
Find charger you need
Business AC Series | Home

- J1772 | 7 kW | 10 kW
Super easy and fast to install, robust & weatherproof, employee access, revenue share program
Business AC Series

- J1772 | 7 kW | 10 kW
Ideal solution for business or city. Visible from long distance
Business DC Series

- CCS1 & CHAdeMO | 30 kW
Fast charger for your fleet or customers
Business DC Series

- CCS1 & CHAdeMO | 150 kW
Super Fast EV charging solution for your customers that can boost vehicles in minutes!
No chargers in your area?
- Request one
We're always looking for areas where install our chargers