ChargeLink Master Plan
ChargeLink Master Plan is a comprehensive strategy for building a clean energy ecosystem that includes electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, energy storage solutions, solar technologies, and grid modernization. The goal of the plan is to make ChargeLink a leading provider of clean energy solutions and a major player in the transition to a sustainable future.

Today, ChargeLink focuses on the design, manufacturing, and operations of EV charging stations.
However, some readers may not be aware that our long-term plan is to become an Energy supplier.

The reason why we started working on charging stations is that:
  1. Existing problems with the electricity infrastructure are significant
  2. ChargeLink has experience with electric vehicles and batteries, before building an EV charger as an addition to our projects
  3. The government has dedicated significant resources in support of the development of low-carbon infrastructure ($5B+)
  4. ChargeLink has existing clients who expressed interest in purchasing our products even before we started development

Our chargers are designed to provide infrastructure and better services for the 100M EVs coming on the market in the next ten years. Without giving away too much, the second generation of our chargers will include storage, solar compatibility, and more revenue-generation models. When someone buys a charger, they are helping us pay for the development of new technologies necessary to reach a low-carbon future.

The Master Plan:
1. EV Chargers
2. Energy Storage
3. Solar
4. Grid Technologies
5. Energy Supplier


1. Better Energy Distribution | EV chargers
ChargeLink will deploy a network of EV chargers at strategic locations across the country, including highways, shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas, and marinas. These chargers will be available for use by any EV owners, providing them with convenient and reliable access to the electricity they need to power their vehicles. Businesses can increase the property's value with EV chargers that can generate additional income and help them meet demand.


2. Integrate Energy Distribution with a Storage | Energy Storage
ChargeLink will also invest in cutting-edge energy storage technologies to help manage the variability of renewable energy sources and provide backup power during outages. This will enable ChargeLink to provide its customers with more reliable and resilient energy services.

  • Integration of the storage into EV chargers
  • Power Module
  • Megapacks
  • New types of batteries and potential manufacturing of the battery itself

ChargeLink's storage expansion will bring new cutting-edge hardware and software systems to the market and comply with new government incentives while scaling its offerings in current EV charging business lines with utilities, real-estate developers, property owners, and partners.

Integration of the energy storage into EV chargers allows charging operators to deploy stations in a matter of days without connectivity to the grid. The storage can boost charging speed in rural areas, national parks, and places where the grid was never developed.

Our primary goals here are:
  1. To build an infrastructure for EV drivers whenever they go
  2. Speed up the deployment of the chargers.
  3. Empower operators to generate higher profits compared to other charging networks.
This will make it easier for EV owners to find a place to recharge, and it will help to reduce range anxiety.
Range anxiety is the #2 problem why people don't buy EVs today.

The Power Module will help utilities and homeowners manage energy distribution, stay without energy outages, reduce energy bills, and peak grid loads by storing clean energy from solar panels on the roof.

Megapacks store energy for the grid reliably and safety, eliminating the need for gas peaker plants and helping to avoid outages. Megapack delivers more power and reliability at a lower cost over its lifetime. The future of renewable energy relies on large-scale energy storage. This is it.

Each Megapack will store over 1 MWh of energy—enough to power an average of 1,200 homes for one hour. Megapack is going to be designed for utilities and large-scale commercial projects.

Generally about batteries: The batteries must be transferrable and recyclable.
We want to help people during national disasters by powering them with our energy storage solutions.


3. Solar
Solar power is a crucial part of the future of energy, and I want to ensure that ChargeLink is at the forefront of this movement. By participating in solar projects as a developer, operator, or investor, we can help to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

Some of our projects will include Solar + Batteries + EV chargers, especially in rural areas, deserts, islands, and places where the amount of money to upgrade the grid would cost much more than installing our solution. We want to be able to work on residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects.


4. Grid Improvements including Hardware + Software products
ChargeLink will invest in advanced grid technologies and develop such smart grid systems and distributed energy resources, VPP (Virtual Power Plant), to modernize the electrical grid and make it more flexible, efficient, and resilient. A modern and efficient grid is essential for the growth and success of new technologies coming onto the market.

This will help ChargeLink better manage its energy portfolio and provide customers with more reliable and cost-effective energy services. Additionally, grid improvements and a new grid can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the transition to a more sustainable and clean energy future.

ChargeLink will leverage its expertise in grid technologies to optimize the distribution and management of energy across its network, ensuring that customers receive a consistent and high-quality energy supply. Non-Wire Alternatives (NWA) could be a solution for that. Different types of power lines, electrical maps and management software platforms, connectivity to the blockchain to secure information and trades, wireless energy transfers, and so much more.



5. Becoming Energy Providing Company | ChargeLink Energy
I should mention that ChargeLink will develop its technologies and co-market sustainable energy products from other companies along with our energy solutions.

As a clean energy provider, ChargeLink will work to reduce its carbon emissions and help its customers transition to renewable energy sources. This will involve offering a range of clean energy products and services, such as renewable energy credits and energy efficiency solutions, to help customers reduce their carbon footprint and support the transition to a low-carbon future.

We will maintain our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, always striving to meet the evolving needs of its customers and the communities it serves.

If you live in a city where we can provide energy - we want you to think about us as about better utility company for multiple reasons. Our energy is greener, cheaper, and better.


Overall, the ChargeLink Master Plan is designed to position the company as a leader in the clean energy space, providing innovative solutions that help customers reduce their carbon emissions and support the transition into a sustainable future by working closely with government entities, utility companies, and partners.


So, in short, the master plan is as follows:
1. Build EV chargers
2. Use that money to build energy storage.
3. Use that money to build/invest in clean energy plants like solar.
4. Use that money to launch the "grid systems" direction.
5. While doing everything slowly above, we want to own infrastructure.
So when we want to distribute energy, it goes through our close partners or us.
Don't tell anyone.

Anatoly Corp, Founder & CEO of ChargeLink, January 1, 2023